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Melissa Petroelje Cutting Hair at Beauty Mark Salon in Grandville Michigan








You’ve seen what I can do for a myriad of women. Here is your opportunity to sit across for me and hear how I can enhance your beauty with Hair and Makeup. Trust me when I say, there is something you could be doing that will accentuate your best features or make you look younger or more rested! But are you ready to hear it? I will try to be delicate, but I will also be direct. I only have 30 minutes to repaint, my vision for you, in your mind. And once I like that match, it will ignite a fire in you that desires to reveal the NEW YOU! Proceed with Caution! I only hope I can get you in for that Hair and Makeup Lesson ASAP!

Mom and a Child



Moms of toddlers, Moms of college students, Grandmas and Dog Moms, all agree, this is how to get your groove back! Let me blow your mind with the possibilities of who has been hiding beneath heaping piles of neglected self-care. You still hold the reigns, but I’ll be your wingman, as we navigate through the options of how to release your new mojo. This service includes two hours of beauty consulting with a tailored haircut and make up lesson. Along with a $45 make up credit to use towards re-creating your new look at home

Applying Eye Shadow



Do you ever feel like you need guidance or instruction on how to wear make up? Or maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for years (maybe since high school) and you need a change? Our faces are changing and our application should too. This service is for You! In 90 minutes, I’ll give you a complete skincare and make up analysis. My goal is to teach you, by using the same time you’re already putting in, how to get jaw-dropping results! You’ll leave with the skills to perfect your own day and evening looks! Plus, the cost of this service is fully redeemable in retail credit.

Makeup with Brushes



Everything that’s included with the lesson including the $60 product credit, comes with this service. But on top of that, you’ll be bringing all the makeup you are currently using. I will evaluate what you’ve brought and determine IF you should be using it. Bottom line, I have a trash can close by and I will be giving you permission to break up with anything that isn’t fabulous for you!

Bridal Makeup



My makeup and skincare products contain high-quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin. The result is beautifully efficacious product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type. My goal is to provide you with healthy, clean, and pure cosmetics. 

  • Event Makeup

  • Makeup Lessons

  • Makeup Bag Overhauls

  • Available On-location for parties of 4 or more

  • Available in-studio for private events of 2-6 people


I use a honey wax that relaxes the pores, releasing the follicles and minimizes hair breakage. This gives you silky skin and long lasting results. 

  • Brow shaping

  • Lip & Chin

  • Side burns​

Hair pieces



A seamless, snap-in extension designed to help women struggling with fine or thin hair on top of their head. For an in-person or virtual consultation, please reach out to me via the Let's Chat! Messenger.


This type of piece has an invisible wire that simply sits on your head and is undetectable. It takes less than a minute to put on and literally only one second to remove. It’s The perfect extension for anyone within or damaged hair because it’s free of glue, clips, tape and other potentially problem causing attachments. To try on 6 Halo varieties and see all the available colors, schedule a “Hidden Crown Consultation.”


Available in a rainbow of colors, these I-tip, Remy hair extensions are so popular because they can be reused for up to two years! Maintenance appointments are every 6-8 weeks. Virtual consult is required before booking any first time service. 

Long Hair




Non-Chemical Smoothing: This customizable smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth frizz free hair with radiant shine. Virtual consult is required before booking as a first time service. 


Permanent Hair Straightening: Put away the flat iron! This is a conditioning cream smoothing system that utilizes bio technology to get your hair perfectly straight with just a blow dryer and paddle brush! It’s 100% possible. The end result is relaxed hair that is soft, shiny, straight and well conditioned. Virtual consult required before booking as a first time service. 

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