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7 Simple Steps to Prep for RADIANT & GLOWING Skin on your Special Occasion

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Direct from the Makeup Artist!

In anticipation of any big event we always prep, right? Some of the most basic aspects we prearrange for ourselves are picking out the right outfit, making sure our hair is freshly cut & colored, and the same attention to detail should also be given to your skin... You'll want to prep it so it's radiant, glowing and ready because your makeup will only look as good as the skin it's sitting on. (And don't forget about my BONUS tip included at the end of the blog!)

"As a Makeup Artist, I feel very strongly, that skin does not always get the attention it deserves, while it should actually be a first priority. Here is my personal list of tips that I share with clients before their event day."

Melissa at Beauty Mark Salon in Grand Rapids, Skin Exfoliation & Prep
Melissa Petroelje, Makeup Artist - Let's Prep Our Skin!

1. Exfoliate

Please exfoliate twice the week before your event. If you do not have a current routine of exfoliating your skin, it could be the reason for causing uneven skin texture. Your pores are clogged with dirt, makeup, etc. Also, your skin is constantly turning over and creating new skin. You MUST exfoliate in order to get rid of the old and in with the new!

Beauty Mark Salon - Special Occasion Makeup Application from Makeup Artist Melissa
Exfoliating your skin can help shrink pores & even out skin texture!

Pay special attention to your hairline and eyebrows when scrubbing. Makeup will stick to old skin in these areas. I wax a lot of eyebrows and 90% of people have dry flaky skin under the brow hair. #truestory

Here are a few ways to exfoliate your skin:

It's simple. You can use microfiber cloths, gritty masks, oatmeal, sugar, etc. There are so many options these days. Right now this is my favorite exfoliating mask that I rub on and then leave on for 5 minutes. I also really like to use my Norwex Body Cloth.

TIP: Want to shrink your pores? Exfoliate 👍🏻

2. Moisturize (like your life depends on it)

This is no time to be shy! Think of your skin like corn flakes and moisturizer is the milk you pour over it. You need your skin to soak up all that moisturizer goodness so that it looks radiant and supple!

"Never wash without moisturizing afterwards! "

Fun fact: Water is the most moisturizing element you can put on your body, however, it evaporates and doesn’t stick around to moisturize like it should. Alternatively, applying moisturizer directly after you wash or shower, LOCKS 🔒 in the moisture from the water AND the lotion. *big applause*

Night moisturizers are thicker because your skin regenerates while you sleep. Day moisturizers are thinner so that you can layer them with makeup. I’ve linked the ones I use because I can select the intensity of moisture infused into my creams by answering specific questions about my skin type when I place my orders. Take the quiz for yourself.

"A little about me🙋🏻‍♀️: Over washing can be my Cryptonite! I don't wash my face Day and Night. Also, if I did a great job on my skincare the night before…I won’t always put more moisturizer on in the morning. Everyone is different, so do what you feel is right for your skin type."

3. Brow Shaping

Schedule a shaping appointment within the week prior to your event. If you have sensitive skin, keep it within days 3-5 in advance. Waxing, tweezing, threading, etc. Tell them you want a “Clean-up” and you should get just what you need. I'm always here if you need an appointment!

Makeup Application with Eyebrow Shaping
Tweezing & Shaping your eyebrows during the week prior to your special occasion is BEST!

Yes, this is a big deal. I can give you a shape like no other! I can lift, deepen and shape them to perfection. But I can’t tweeze the heck out of them on your special day. A couple hairs maybe, but it’s very hard to cover a bunch of red puffiness that results when I have to clear the field.

Even if you’re blonde, your makeup won’t look as good piled on a bunch of hair beneath your brow bone. When you clean up your brows, you're clearing the palette for your makeup artist and widening the real estate of where your eye makeup can be placed.

They don’t have to be perfect for event day… I make them perfect ON event day! But I could really use your assistance on this before you visit me. 😉

4. Shave

Shave your face. I said what I said. But now I’m going to rock your world by telling you why you should.

Melissa Beauty Mark Salon in Grandville - Face Skin Prep
The Tinkle Razor & Dermaflash are great little tools for removing unwanted facial hair!

Not only do you use less moisturizer & makeup, but your skin feels amazing!! It also looks so dewy and fresh when makeup is on.

"Not everyone has to do this. I’m a furry beast, and if you asked me I'd tell you that I feel skinnier when I shave!"

Now I’m going to tell you which real estate to shave. It’s mostly a cheek thing. It’s from under and behind the ear, up over your cheek, under your orbital area, to the side of your nose. Then you continue down your cheeks to your lips and chin. This excess hair is generally a hormonal thing. For me, I was in my thirties and I started feeling like I could grab ahold of my sideburns. No thanks.

How to shave? I’ve used everything on the market. Tinkle razor and Dermaflash pictured, I still say the best is exactly the way you’ve been shaving your legs, for years. Soap it up and use a Bic. Really, everything else, is just irritating to the skin or inefficient.

5. Hydrate

Hydration from the inside will show on your skin. So, drink up! Try to drink at least 100 ounces of water per day. On the day of and before your appointment, drink lots of water and avoid salty, greasy foods.

Makeup Application with Hydrated Skin
Your special occasion makeup application will look better on well-moisturized & hydrated skin.

6. Refresh your Pillowcase

Switch out your pillowcase with fresh, clean ones at least twice the week before your event. Pillowcases are dirty, that's why they exist! In light of this, you will want to lay your head at night on pristinely cleaned pillowcase.

"Be safe, change your pillowcase."

Beauty Mark Private salon in Grandville, Michigan - featuring a makeup application for special occasion
Radiant, fresh skin begins with clean pillowcases! Get that gorgeous makeup application for your special occasion.

7. Be Mindful When Touching Your Face

Don't touch your face! Or at least, wash your hands before you do.

"Hey, it’s a really good general rule for LIFE. However, extra caution should be taken with an event on the horizon. yw"

How to prep your skin for makeup application
Prep your skin for a flawless face and glowing skin on your special occasion!


Melissa's 7 Simple Step Prep for Radiant, Glowing Skin on your Special Occasion:

1. Exfoliate

2. Moisturize

3. Shape your Brows

4. Shave

5. Hydrate

6. Change your Pillowcase

7. Be Mindful of Touching your Face


"The Day-of" Preparation

On the day-of, please follow these steps:

  1. Drink: Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water (electrolytes as a bonus if needed).

  2. Wash: Wash your face with a facial cleanser and lukewarm water. Be sure to rinse well. Make sure to get all that old mascara off.

  3. Hydrate: Apply any eye serum and a daily moisturizer before you arrive

  4. Relax: I've got the rest!

BONUS TIP: Teeth whitening and eye drops really help your lip color and eyes pop.

Whether it’s a wedding, speaking engagement or awards ceremony, your photos will last a lifetime! This 7 Simple Steps to Prep for RADIANT & GLOWING Skin on your Special Occasion is your guide to making picture perfect skin.

Did you enjoy these helpful tips? Don’t miss the next one! Subscribe to notifications for blog updates now 😉

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