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Customizing Your Beauty Mark Salon Visit BEFORE It Begins!

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

What if your salon visit began before it started? Say, WHAT? That's right! All successful endeavors begin with adequate planning, right? So why shouldn't something as personally empowering as your hair & skin benefit from planning ahead too?! My new salon Pre-Visit Customization Form is now here to fill in those gaps so I make sure your appointment is as wonderful as possible.

Beauty Mark Salon's Pre-Visit Customization Form comes directly to your phone!
Beauty Mark Salon's Pre-Visit Customization Form comes directly to your phone the night BEFORE your visit!

Inside the Pre-Visit Customization Form I now offer extra add-on salon services (must be ordered ahead of time so I can plan time accordingly) and many other personal preference items to make your salon appointment refreshing, relaxing and a time JUST FOR YOU!

Prepare in advance

The Pre-Visit Customization Form allows me to prepare in advance YOUR customized services & preferences. I am SO delighted to be able to create an ambience that specifically suits you without the additional time it would take to organize this when you arrive. This includes things like:

  • Add-Ons

  • Soothing Tunes/Favorite Music

  • Favorite Beverage

  • Personal Head Massage Pressure Preference

These EXTRA Add-Ons may include:

  • Extra 15-minute massage, with hot towel

  • Makeup Touchup, so you're prepped to go back into the world

  • A+ Hair style, so you have that extra perfect look

  • Extra one-on-one style training, so you can get that perfect look anytime at home

Grandville Salon & Hair Stylist Melissa Petroelje offers Extras to make a perfect visit
Beauty Mark Salon's Extra Add-On Services will make your Grandville salon visit extra perfect!

Make a selection from the Beverage Menu

Grandville Beauty Mark Salon customizes beverages for clients
Beauty Mark Salon offers a complimentary beverage menu

Filling out a simple survey that I send directly to your text number prior to your appointment has successfully streamlined & personalized YOUR client experience BEFORE you ever step foot into the salon! It saves you time & that's pretty cool!

Beauty Mark Pre-Visit Customization Form Creates a Perfect Salon Visit
Beauty Mark's Pre-Visit Customization Form is a mobile survey that goes directly to your phone before your appointment!

Your health & safety

The Pre-Visit Customization Form provides information that will help me perform your appointed services and make recommendations with YOUR health, safety, & comfort in mind. Making assumptions is not a risk I am willing to take when it comes to YOUR welfare! I need to know about previous reactions, product allergies, scent sensitivities, & even whether you are able to authorize the release of any photos & videos that include you. This advance information will determine which products I am able to use & what recommendations I can safely provide you.

Gather style info

The Pre-Visit Customization Form saves time by gathering practical & stylistic information to streamline YOUR salon visit.

  • Preferred Payment Method - check-outs are quick, touchless, & simply a breeze!

  • Product Refills - informing me that you are running low on hair or makeup products allows me to gather them in advance.

  • Inspiration Photos - providing inspirational photos can easily help steer your look

  • Time Restrictions - Do you have a time restriction this time around? I know you are busy & YOUR schedule matters to me!

Answer questions before you ask

The Pre-Visit Customization Form prevents confusion by providing you vital information for your appointment before you arrive. Life is stressful & my goal is always to make your appointment easy & stress-free. This includes providing you with:

  • Driving Directions & Where to Park (with nifty pictures & everything!)

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Practical Attire Suggestions

Each & every client on my schedule is an intricate part of my Grandville salon here. I will do what it takes to pamper you, instill confidence in you, & leave you feeling ready to conquer anything this world throws at you!

Looking for a new Grandville salon or Grandville hair stylist? Melissa Petroelje is a master hair stylist and hair colorist in Grandville, Michigan. To apply to become a client or click here to join her waitlist. Interested in seeing more? Click here for a tour of her private Grandville salon. Beauty Mark Salon by Melissa is a private, boutique salon in Grandville, Michigan by Melissa Petroelje, hair and makeup artist.

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