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Salon Check-out Is Now Easier Than Ever!

Updated: Mar 25

Melissa showing a guest Text Check-out in her Grandville Salon
Melissa showing a guest Text Check-out in her Grandville Salon

I have the most amazing salon clients in the world from Grand Rapids, Grandville, Jenison, Kentwood – and beyond! YOU ARE simply THE BEST! Yup, it's true & that's all she wrote!

As a Grandville Hair Stylist in my private, boutique salon, I began my salon to display my fun and whimsical designs day-in & day-out - because let's face it, my personal hair only provides a certain amount of unconventional entertainment. However, I cannot neglect the less creative, but still much needed, side of my salon. Let’s talk about salon CHECK-OUT time.

My Grandville Salon CHECK-OUT process involves:

  • Adding products already indicated in your Pre-Visit Customization Form & grabbing those last minute "must-haves"...

  • Paying for current salon services

  • Scheduling your next salon appointment

Now that your hair is perfectly hued & your make-up flawlessly applied, let’s EXPEDITE your salon check-out! I’ve been working many hours trying to perfect this new process for you, so let me introduce you to (drum roll please)... TEXT CHECK-OUT!

Melissa Petroelje in her Grandville Salon Checking out Guest
Grandville Salon Hair Stylist Melissa Petroelje Checking out Guest

Here are a few top reasons why you will find yourself embracing TEXT CHECK-OUT:

  1. Convenience: You want to be able to quickly and easily complete the transaction and get on with your day. Because you already provided me with your preferred payment method when you booked your appointment, all you have to do is literally push a button to pay with TEXT CHECK-OUT. It is seriously that easy!

  2. Efficiency: You don’t want to spend time dealing with a long and complex salon checkout procedure that involves clunky card readers & cumbersome wallets. Your invoice is sent to you via text while you sit in my chair. Simply click the link to pay in a matter of seconds.

  3. Security: A fast checkout ensures that your data is securely processed and your financial information is not exposed for too long. No need for either of us to take the time to enter payment information, swipe a card, or insert a chip.

After your most relaxing & luxurious salon pampering day ever all you want to do is climb into your awaiting vehicle & mosey your way to your next event. Whether it be shopping, soccer practice, dinner with the hubby, or just taking a nap, we know one thing for sure - You are definitely rockin' all kinds of fabulous! Guaranteed! And with my salon TEXT CHECK-OUT, we both can be sure you aren’t missing a beat.

Looking for a new Grand Rapids salon or Grand Rapids hair stylist? Melissa Petroelje is a master hair stylist and hair colorist in Grandville, Michigan. To book now, click here. Interested in seeing more? Click here for a tour of her private Grandville salon. Beauty Mark Salon by Melissa is a private, boutique salon in Grandville, Michigan by Melissa Petroelje, master hair and makeup artist.

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